Trust is essential. It’s a fundamental part of communication and relationship which, if breached, can lead to upheaval and chaos in our society. It’s not easy to prevent such breaches from happening, especially in an online environment where media representatives, brands, and public authorities have the power to influence people's opinions. 

Once the trust is lost, there’s almost no way to gain it back. The Internet is no exception. As a consumer advocacy website, we believe it is worth all the effort to build a credible and unbiased platform. Thus, by playing fair, we intend to bring positive changes to interactions between consumers and brands.

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How do we defend trust on

When launching our complaint resolution platform in 2006, it was our goal to develop a consumer-oriented space, where every consumer can speak up their mind, freely express their opinion, and draw companies’ attention to unresolved issues. 

We at have always been determined to provide an equal opportunity for every user out there. This means no cherry-picking, unreasonable content policies  or duress. We have always pursued this objective and stood for  users’ right to speak up. 

We defend the Section 230 of CDA that protects the right of free speech so that people continue sharing their viewpoints and comments online without being silenced.

Why trust consumer reviews on

When customers leave reviews on Pissed Consumer, it’s our mission to help them exercise their right to be heard. The Internet has broken its users’ trust more than a few times, and because of that consumer’s opinion has been erroneously looked at as something fake that is not to be trusted. If we have tolerated such online behaviour, manipulations, and accusations, the trust you have in us would have also collapsed. And that’s too much to put at stake! uses all possible means to guard the platform from illegal and fraudulent practices. No suspicious activity is allowed. Our tech experts make sure the platform remains transparent, open and free for everyone.

By providing every consumer with an option to write a review on our website, we also seek to help businesses. With over 74 thousand companies present on our review site with a dedicated page for each one of them, it’s easy to spot customers’ alerts, answer their questions, and turn complainants into brand advocates.

With that in mind, we are committed to creating better transparency and openness on by following these key principles:

We deliver 100% of user-generated content

When writing a review on, users certify that they do not impersonate other people or entities and their opinion is based on their own experience; it’s a genuine viewpoint of a product or a service.

We use automatic tools and live moderation

Reviews are always scanned by professionally-set algorithms for atypical patterns that detect falsifications. We use up-to-date review management tools that help us check the appropriateness and relevance of the content. Furthermore, our moderation team checks the quality of the content left on the platform.

We have zero-tolerance for fake reviews

No fraud including, but not limited to spammy and/or fake content, is permitted on our platform. It’s against our policy to allow any dishonest behavior or spammy reviews, whether positive or negative. We never remove reviews for money either.

We verify content and posters

Reviews on our website are left by real people who share real concerns. Review authors and clients can register and verify themself. There are Verified Reviewers and Verified Buyers. They are for the most part “seasoned” consumers who describe their first-hand experience with a product/service as they know exactly what it’s like to make such a purchase. 

We defend our users’ rights

Pissed Consumer provides equal opportunities for all users, without unreasonable content policing. We defend consumers’ right to freedom of speech and freedom of expression, and we fight for their rights in court.

How can Pissed Consumer help you solve your consumer issue?

In our attempt to help consumers resolve their issues, we strive to create as many opportunities as possible. It’s not only reviews that people can leave on the platform. We also provide features like “Call to company”, Video interviews, and “Questions & Answers” to offer more ways for their claims to be resolved.

Other than that, we have social media coverage to help spread the consumer issue across many channels, and the “Email this business” and “Private messages” features that let customers address their problems to specific business via the platform.

Pissedconsumer features

Our users can connect with the brand by calling a toll-free number directly from the platform. We use only verified contact details and numbers. Besides that users can ask questions and get answers about their issues straight from our home page.

When browsing a particular company, our current and future clients can check their company rating and read reviews about their business. The ratings are calculated by the mathematical algorithm which evaluates, in particular, reviewers’ posts, company’s responses, and the number of resolved issues, etc.

Along with reviews, our users can access company’s basic information and contact details, leave questions, and study statistical data as to successful connections, resolved issues, pros, and cons reported by consumers. 

To help our users share their stories with a wider audience, we also run the YouTube channel. We offer posters a chance to showcase their issues in a video interview and offer businesses their suggestions as to how they can resolve it.

We also record video interviews with various industry experts. Their professional tips and recommendations help educate consumers by providing more information on how to prevent bad purchase decisions.

The above list is by far not complete. We continuously upgrade to ensure that consumers get more chances to resolve their consumer problems. We add new features and post new articles with tips on our Help Center page.

With that said, no matter how hard it is to prevent fake opinions and questionable content from appearing in the ever-changing online environment, we do our best to keep the space free of that and deliver our promises to you. We stand by our word. We cherish and protect your trust, so that you can freely express your opinions on our platform!

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